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2019-06-16; Happy Father’s Day


If you are a Father; Happy Father’s Day to you.

I made a card for my kids to give to their Dad. I’m not sure what the style of this card is called, you are welcome to let me know. I used my Scor-Pal to make Fan Fold pinwheels, The Cricut to cut out the #1 and mats and dies to cut out the “DAD”.

Here is the side view so you can see the height of the layers.

the aerial view so you can see the whole fold.

And the back of the card where the kids will sign.

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2019-06-15; Never ending Alpha swap; N


Never ending alpha swap for the letter N this month. My N stands for the long giraffe neck and the sentiment Wanna Neck? Which always makes me laugh but who would you send it too? In this case I’m sending it to my alpha swap partner. I know she will get this lol!

Here you can see that I added a fiber mane. I did have to trim it to a shorter length; so yes I have fibers floating around everywhere on my desk now.

Just before I made this card I had made some home made paper ribbon from scraps. I always have left over scraps. I just sorted them into general color groups and sewed them together.

Here you can see the assorted layers and texture.

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day.

Off into the mail this goes while I wait and see what “N” card comes back to me.

2019-06-14; Calm Seas “Z” fold


For today’s sample I have 2 cards that are the same but in different colors. I used the Scor-Pal and created a Z fold card.

A look at one of the cards closer up…

The light house so you can see that I stenciled in clouds and colored with pastels.

And here is the open view.

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2019-06-13; 2 page 3-d Accordion Flip card/book


I just finished sharing all of my 1-0n-1 craft day projects. Just prior to meeting up with my girlfriend I was working on cutting out card parts for another flip card.

Here is what I put together…

front & above view so you can see the dimension of the open card.

Here is the full open view. I just used what was in the extra bits and bobs on my desk for decorating.

A look at the above view/

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2019-06-12; 1-on-1 craft day; purchased card kit & REVIEW


The last cards we put together was a purchased Anna Griffin card kit. There were 4 pre-printed card bases and 4 foil embellished sentiments. We each took 2 of the cards and quickly put them together.

And now the review in case you missed any of our projects….

I’m glad I have been saving the card kits that were extra’s from shoe box craft nights. It made for a fun and relaxing afternoon of crafting.

2019-06-11; 1-on-1 craft day; a little flower


I pulled this card from my stack of card kits. It had a finished sample and 2 card kits all cut out. I may have shared this one months ago but I was not able to find it quickly.

Here is the card:

This is the open view. You can see the top half of the front of the card was trimmed away. To decorate the inside and hide the seam I added a punched border.

I don’t remember where the sentiment came from (set or manufacturer). I’m just glad it was all pre-stamped and ready for assembly.

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day…

Thanks for stopping by.

2019-06-10; 1-0n-1 craft day; Lots of Lavender


The next card we worked on putting together was this one. It was all stamped and ready to go, even the pieces were all cut out. All we needed to do was color the image and assemble.


Here is a look at the various layers.

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day…

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