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2015-07-30; For the golfer in your life


For today’s play date project I CASED a card I found on youtube. It looks like I’ll need to go back to that youtube channel as the lady made lots of wonderfully designed greeting cards using the Cricut. I picked this one to do as I know Maggi’s husband is an avid golfer and I knew this would be nice for her to keep on hand for the next card she’d need for him.

2015-07-27 (8)

I made the golf balls by stacking hole punches and covering them with crystal effects.

2015-07-27 (6)

The sentiment was generated on my computer and cut to size.

The golfing images were cut from the Cartridge Create A Critter 2, the mat from Elegant Edges.

2015-07-27 (7)

Thanks for stopping by!

2015-07-29; Play date, card #2 teal butterfly


For the second card at my play date we made this colorful butterfly card. Again we brainstormed and tried different elements for the upper right corner. We settled on this Spellbinder vine cut in purple to match some of the flowers on the DP.

2015-07-27 (13)

Here is a close up of the pretty butterfly. I never asked Maggi if this was a die cut or punch. Maybe she will stop by and let me know.

2015-07-27 (12)

The sentiment is by Stampin Up and I think the set is called Teeny Tiny Wishes.

2015-07-27 (14)

Maggi brought along enough pieces for us to each make 2 of the same card. Time to share the love and send one out!

2015-07-28; Play date! Create a Critter 2–Kitten


I had my girlfriend over yesterday for a play date. While I was waiting for her I started cutting pieces out and dry fitted a card together. Once she arrived, we brainstormed together and came up with this design…

2015-07-27 (3)

I love Kitties so I have a few rubber stamps with kitty phrases. The meow is by Hero Arts and the sentiment is by The Cottage Stamper. See the kitty stripes? We added those with some chalk and Q-Tips, sealing the chalk with hairspray when we finished coloring.

2015-07-27 (5)

The kitten is from the cartridge Create A Critter 2 and cut at 2 1/2″. The circle mat and matching border are from the cartridge Elegant Edges. The border was cut at 3/4″ and the mat at 3 1/2″. I don’t know if you know this, but I love kitties!

2015-07-27 (4)

We had time to make 3 other cards, so be sure to stop by for the next few days and I’ll share them with you.

2015-07-27; updated pocket card


In January 2014 I made this card in my shoebox group ….

2014-01-28 (9)

I updated it and added another pocket by adding some additional DP. Here is the minor change that it made to the outside of the card.

2015-07-20 (1)

When the card is opened you will see the additional pocket and now decorated tag card pull out

2015-07-20 (2)

And finally a close up of the pull out tag

2015-07-20 (3)

My thanks to Chrissy who designed this card for our shoebox group…I finally put the card to use this past month!

2015-07-19; 2nd decorated shipping tag-seashell


This morning i have asecond sea shell tag to share.  One more person signed up for the swap i’m in so i volunteered to make a tag to swap with her.    the sea  shell tag was cut using cartridge Picturesque; cut at 3.25″
2015-07-16  Picturesque (1)

I cut a shell to cover the open seashell shape so you could tell what it was.  this was cut out at 1.25″.  it was then embossed in gold.  to embellish the flourish on either side, I covered the open area with packing tape and sprinkled with glitter.
2015-07-16  Picturesque (3)

Here is a close view of the light house & sentiment by Rubber Stampede.  it was colored with chalk and then sealed with hairspray laced with Perfect Pearls. it adds some shimmer that you maybe able to see as golden flecks in the photo.
2015-07-16  Picturesque (4)

I used a Spellbinders die to emboss a shape around the lighthouse and sentiment.  I also used it as a stencil to add color.

The tag didn’t feel very sturdy so I added a second layer to the back, added the fibers and called it done.
T2015-07-16  Picturesque (2)

Thanks for stopping by.

2015-07-18; Decorated Shipping Tag Swap; just add a seashell


A few months ago my friend Chrissy gave me a chance to rummage through some rubber stamps and take my pick.  I chose some beach/sea themed stamps and they came in handy for this months swap; A tag with a seashell.
2015-07-14 (2)

I took a standard size shipping tag and dipped into ink that had been dabbed onto a craft sheet.  It being a sea theme I used blue and green.  Once that was dry I added the sentiment and some homemade seashell stick pins.  Don’t worry, I took a wire cutters and snipped off the pointy bits so the recipient wouldn’t get stabbed.
2015-07-14 (1)

I added a 2nd shipping tag as a backer; it gave it more strength as well.  I was thinking this would make a really nice bookmark as there are not real lumps and bumps.

2015-07-14 (3)

So there you are; a shipping tag with a seashell on it.

2015-07-17; Anniversary Jar & Plaque


Last week I shared a project where I helped my neighbor create a bicycle birthday card. That went over so well that my friend Jane asked me for help with an Wedding/Anniversary project. She brought a frame with sentiment, a glass jar and baskets full of supplies to create a gift.

I spent the afternoon cutting out filler flowers from the Cricut. The small white sprig was cut from Wild Card and the Larger brown stemmed spring from Pagoda. The flowers and leaves were in my supply stash from previous projects.

2015-07-13 (2)

I do want to add my commentary to dealing with gluing down small pieces. Take a look at these two springs. The one on the right was cut and then tiny paper flowers added. The spring on the right was painted with acrylic paint. Which one do you like best?

I think the painted one looks far better. Now only was it quicker but I was able to blend colors and have all the petals coordinate.

2015-07-13 (1)

I thought I would also show a close up of the flowers. These were cut using a Spellbinder die. Each of the petals was sponged, crumpled and then left to dry. Once dry, they were carefully opened up then stacked and glued in place. The center is a mound of tiny gold marbles on glitter glue to hold in place. These take a good bit of time to make, so I’m glad I had extras in my stash to help with today’s project.

2015-07-13 (3)

and now using the above supplies; plus a few others Jane and I brain stormed and came up with this…

2015-07-13 (4)

This will be placed out on a table at the wedding. The guests will write their “best wishes” for the couple and place them in the jar; to be opened on their anniversary.

I hope that the plaque and jar are well received.


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