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2018-05-05; April Shoe Box Craft Night – card kit & review


The last and final card of the evening was brought to us by Maggi.   She brought a monthly card kit that she receives.  it was all spread out on the table and we were given the suggestion sheet that had pictured samples  that came with the kit if we couldn’t Come up with anything on the spur of the moment on our own.


As we were at my house for this month’s craft night I pulled out my jar of flowers and dumped that on the table too.  here is the card that I came up with.
2018-04-30 (7)

roses from the flower jar

2018-04-30 (9)

Last week I shared a photo of a stepped up Recollections flower. Here I’ve put the largest one to use along with a dollar store flower.

2018-04-30 (6)

And one mor look at the card……

2018-04-30 (8)

and review
2018-04-30 (2)

Thanks again to all the shoe box ladies for sharing their supplies and talent with all of us.

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