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2019-12-05; Gift from a stamping friend


Last month I received a gift of stamps  from one of my stamping friends.  It’s adorable and for the next few days I’ll share cards I’ve made from this fun set.  She got the same set for herself as it was a wonderful bargain.  How fun that we can each work on cards using the same stamps.   Yep, I mailed my finished designs to my stamping friend so she would have  samples of cards using the stamps.


Here is card #1.  I did make this one in November, so the fall theme was appropriate.  The card size is about 3.5×6; and if I hadn’t put 3-d items on the card would have fit into a 6-3/4 size envelope.


A close look so you can see dimension.


And one more look at the card before you go on about your day….



Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. 2019/12/05 10:20 am

    Great coloring on those leaves for the tree! Such a cute card and stamp set!

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