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2018-12-31; Good night CraftiBlog


Sadly, it’s time to put the CraftiBlog to bed.

For years I have used Flickr to host my photos. As of 2019 they are changing their policies.

Here is a statement from their web-site:

“Starting January 8th, 2019 free accounts on Flickr with 1000 or more photos will no longer be able to upload new photos”

This blog is somewhere between 10 and 15 years old with nearly two million views. And yes; way more than 1000 photos accumulated during that time.

I quit working in April 2018 and since that time, no income. No income, no money for the monthly fee that Flicker would like to collect.

If I am able to find finances to pay for a photo hosting service the CraftiBlog may return. Until then however; it’s time to say good night.




Edited to add good news.  My son found a place to store and pull the photos into the blog.  New posts are on the way.



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  1. Kay Carlson permalink
    2018/12/31 7:40 am

    I am SO very sorry to read this, Bonnie. I have so enjoyed your cards/posts over the years and have made a special folder that have so many of your gorgeous cards. Hopefully, these will stay on my computer. I haven’t a clue how to do a blog, but I hope you can find somewhere to showcase your fabulous work! Peace to you and your family as we start a new year. Hugs….Kay C

  2. Linda Meyer permalink
    2018/12/31 8:23 am

    Very sad news☹️

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. ribbons3 permalink
    2019/01/09 11:52 am

    Bonnie very sad news. Beautiful work you put into everything and I for one shall miss it very much

  4. Terri permalink
    2019/01/09 3:26 pm

    So sorry Bonnie! Hopefully, another opportunity to share your wonderful designs on social media will come your way!!

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