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2018-07-07; The price of pretty flowers


Have you looked at the price of nice ribbon or layered paper flowers at the box stores lately?  I never really paid attention until lately due to a change in income.  Now I look at the price and ouch~!

I took a piece of peach colored 1″ ribbon to see what flower I could come up with.  The method I used was to keep the ribbon in one piece and gather it.

I added the pearl brad in the middle to cover unsightly gather and/or sewing malfunctions.

Sorry about the color on this one; the subsequent pictures are more true to color.  This is a light peach colored ribbon.

2018-07-07 (3)

The above flower was fine but I thought it might look better with a second layer.  Here I took white organdy ribbon, cut them into 1.5″ pieces, folding and then adding them onto a needle, gathering and tying in a circle.

2018-07-07 (1)


They don’t stand very tall and are soft.  The only hard (bump up the envelope items) are the pearl brad and stamens.


2018-07-07 (2)

So far I’ve made two finished flowers.  The one on the left has a 2nd layer of 7 petals where on the right has 5.  I don’t know if you can pick it out but I did add a layer of tulle to the flower on the right.

2018-07-07 (4)

I also have some cream colored ribbon as well as light green.  I’m going to try to make a flower with leaves for my next try.

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  1. 2018/07/07 10:12 am

    Your flowers are very pretty! You are so patient:)

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