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2018-07-06; Gifted DP, flowers & post it note


Greetings to you.

Today’s card sample was made with some gifted supplies.  The DP from my friend Tara, The tiny flowers from  Alice and the center post-it note from Maggi.

I found the color combo by looking at a color wheel.  Something I would not have thought to pick.
2018-07-04 (2)

The tiny flowers have a mini holographic flower sticker added to the center.  I wish I could find these at the dollar store again, I’m just about running out.

2018-07-04 (1)

The post-it note was a left over from a shoe box card that I had made in 2016.  Maggi had brought the supplies and told us that the post-it note came from the dollar store.  I had stamped this one but it was off center so I brought it home and threw it in the card parts box and found it there today.

2018-07-04 (3)

Thanks for stopping by.

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