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2018-04-11; Some DP from a stamping friend and what I did with it


Here are the 2 DP’s from one of my  stamping friends.  I used both of them to make today’s design.
2018-04-10 (8) 2018-04-10 (7)

Here is the card I put together using those two pieces.  The peach colored sea shells are the background and the rose with leaves were cut out of the other.
2018-04-10 (6)

I cut the big rose off of one of the DP’s and added it as an embellishment
2018-04-10 (2)

I added a couple of more flowers from the jar I have on my desk. These were made a while ago. You can see those HERE and yes, I know…the glitter glue is still wet in the photo.  When it dried, all of the white turned clear and there is just a hint of glitter along the edges of the petals.

2018-04-10 (3)

This is also cut from DP that I had on hand and matched the theme of sea shells.
2018-04-10 (4)

And that brings us back to the card.  Where I was over enthusiastic in distressing, I added parts of a large doily.
2018-04-10 (5)

I received a couple of emails asking me to show my disaster of a desk. It’s a poor photo as it’s in a basement. I brightened it as much as I could. All the stuff I used to make the card is pretty much right there and ready for me to use.

2018-04-10 (1)

The jars of flowers are off to the left in what looks like a fish bowl. Front and center where my coffee cup is, is where I do all of my stamping and creating.  As I mess up the top sheet, I toss it and move onto a clean space.  And yes, my desk still looks like this right now.  I generally just keep using the same supplies until I run short and then pull out more to take it’s place.


Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Kay Carlson permalink
    2018/04/11 5:33 am

    This is just beautiful, Bonnie! I’m definitely saving this post – I have so much DP that I normally wouldn’t use, but this gives a whole new life for it! Thanks so much 🙂

    • 2018/04/11 6:29 am

      Kay, thanks so much! If you like this sample, you may like this one too: DP from August 2017

      or change the DP all together like this sample or with stencil paste and ink like on this one!

      I’ve been doing all sorts of changes to the DP…have fun with it!

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