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2018-03-09; homemade flowers using Rose Creations


Back in the day I used to make lots of handmade flowers.  I got away from that because the are bulky and more expensive to mail.   But I sure do like cards with flowers, sigh.    Last weekend I pulled out the Spellbinder set, Rose Creations.  Here is what it looks like.  I could easily find flowers that I could cut from a Cricut cartridge that would make this process go so much faster.

Here is the flower group that I ended up with…


I had the little stamens in my stash so I pulled them out and used them for the flower centers.  I dampened each die cut, dabbed with water color (Color Burst) with a paint brush, scrunched and let dry. Once dry I took the stamen and stared stringing the layers together.  To hold them in place I finished with a drop of hot glue.

Here is a close look at one of the  purple flowers.  I think I can see 5 or 6 layers here.


And a look at one of the pink ones; this one is about 4 layers.


Here is the flower stem I told you about.  Eventually this will be snipped off so that I can glue these (flat bottomed) to the card.  Or if I had made smaller flowers I could leave it on and attach it as a flower bud.  Wish I would have thought of making some of those.



Now to figure out what card to add these beauties to.


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