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2017-11-06; Alphabet swap – U for Umbrella


The alphabet swap is moving along and the more difficult letters are rearing their difficult characters. U. I’ve been in a couple of swaps and I’ve done umbrella and unicorn previously. As I couldn’t think of another U word I went with umbrella. Fortunately when I did umbrella before it was for a different swap and partner, whew!

I have many stamps from Sonia’s Estate and I used a few of them in the background (everything under the umbrella basically). I mention them, as they are hard to see, but definitely there. The first image is the large framed bamboo. There is also a large sunshine with long rays stamped in each corner  and honeycomb image stamped randomly. The entire thing was dusted with gold eye shadow and then sealed. The camera could not pick up the overall glimmer of this piece.

2017-11-06 U-umbrella (1)

A close up of the stamped background.  Here you can see the large frame stamp with Chinese characters and the sunshine stamp with long rays.
2017-11-06 U-umbrella (3)

The umbrella is in peach DP & black card stock cut from the Cricut cartridge Pagoda at 3.25″.

2017-11-06 U-umbrella (4)

The umbrella handle is wrapped in crochet thread that I had to hand dye as I didn’t have any red on hand.  Yes my fingers are still red from mopping up the ink with the crochet thread.

2017-11-06 U-umbrella (2)

And one last look at the card before you go on about your day….
2017-11-06 U-umbrella (5)

Thanks for stopping by.  And my continued thanks as I to Sonia’s Family as I slowly use the stamps that were inherited from Sonia.


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