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2017-05-23; z-atc


And finally after a 6 month commitment the final letter of my Tag/ATC swap, the letter “Z”

2017-05-13  Z-atc (6)


2017-05-13  Z-atc (5)

inside the zipper
2017-05-13  Z-atc (2)

and one last look at the ATC before you go on about your day…

2017-05-13  Z-atc (1)

We haven’t decided what the next swap in the series will be…but time for a break until that decision is made.

This project was entered into the Anything Goes challenge at CardzTV this week.

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  1. ribbons3 permalink
    2017/05/23 6:59 am

    Outstanding never would have thought of anything like this Love it!!!

  2. Georgia permalink
    2017/05/27 1:16 pm

    WOW ! What a beautiful ATC you have created. Thank you for playing with us at CardzTV.
    CardzTV D.T.

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