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2017-04-21; Cricut Creative Card Cartridge, Card #14


Here we are at card #14. This one met with a major disaster while assembling. I had just finished gluing everything together when I bumped a full cup of coffee on my craft desk. The whole cup dumped. Thankfully I keep a roll of paper towels handy, but this card was I thought ruined.

I came back hours later to see if anything could be resurrected. I was able to tear the base away and recut it.

2017-04-14   Creative Cards - 13 (1)

I added some molding and shaping to the star and then used 3-d tape so it would stay that way. See the blue star banner? That is actually metallic and is sequin waste. Very glimmer-y in real life.

2017-04-14   Creative Cards - 13 (2)

And one more look at today’s card before you go on about your day….

2017-04-14   Creative Cards - 13 (3)

I showed all of the cards to my son and he picked this one as his favorite! I’m glad I was able to save it after the coffee spill.

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