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2017-04-17; ATC of the month “X”


“X” was certainly a challenge. I could have gone with x-ray but after a little research I did come up with something interesting.

X is for two words on this tiny piece. The letter X and also xylem. I had to do a little research for xylem!

Definition: a compound tissue in vascular plants (woody stems) that helps provide support and that conducts water and nutrients upward from the roots, consisting of tracheids, vessels, parenchyma cells, and woody fibers.

2017-04-08  X-atc (3)

After the research I was out for a walk and saw the pussy willow. I plucked two small sprigs and brought them home to press and bake them (250* for 25 minutes pressed between paper towels and heavy weights of assorted bake-ware) in the oven to dry and flatten. Then it was onto the craft table.

2017-04-08  X-atc (1)

The twig looked fine on it’s own but I decided to fill in the ATC just a bit by adding die cut grass with flower soft.

2017-04-08  X-atc (4)

And one more look at the ATC before you go on about your day…

2017-04-08  X-atc (2)

As I mentioned earlier, there are two X words represented on this tiny ATC. The letter x should be easy to see; it is the cricut cut lattice in the background. I used a white jelly pen to add stitching to make them stand out. Then xylem. Because my partner wouldn’t know what the pussy willow meant, I put the definition of the word on the back of the ATC, in fancy print and repeated over and over to make it look artistic. Now that you know the definition, when you look at the ATC, you will understand the woody sprig of pussy willow. The twig is glued down and then I added some well placed stitches to further secure it to the card stock.

And that was your definition for the day. Xylem.

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  1. Kay Carlson permalink
    2017/04/17 5:33 am

    VERY clever, Bonnie! One of your most interesting, too – fabulous job 🙂

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