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2017-04-13; LSS card class – for the birds! Sample #1


I’ve been MIA for a few days. I’m currently working on the next set of 5 Creative Cards from the Cricut cartridge (with the same name). I had a set back this morning. I spilled a full cup of coffee on my desk, right where card #13 of the set was. Back to the beginning of that card for me!

I did take a break this past Tuesday night and head to the LSS (local stamp store) for a quick card class. The theme of the class for this month was “for the birds” There will be 3 cards and they are all adorable and cheerful!

This is the first design that I made that evening….

2017-04-11 (4)

Here is a close up view of the simple border design. I’ve been carried away lately with layer upon layer; this card reminded me that you can have an eye catching design with relatively few layers.

2017-04-11 (6)

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day….

2017-04-11 (5)

Thanks for stopping by…and stay tuned for a few more for the birds cards from the LSS class.

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