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2017-03-23; March Stamp Camp Card #4 & review


This is the last card that we made at the March Stamp Camp. I brought home all of these pieces and a few extra’s so that I could work with them at home.

2017-03-15 (5)

With the help of my stamping friend Tara, the card morphed into this design.

2017-03-15  morphed-2 (3)

I brought home a chocolate colored bunny as some of the extra pieces. I covered him with glaze and added him to the center of the card.

2017-03-15  morphed-2 (4)

I die cut 3 hello’s, glued and stacked each of them. When I came home I added glaze to this cut out and added it to the card.

2017-03-15  morphed-2 (1)

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day…a dramatic change from the original design!

2017-03-15  morphed-2 (3)

Here is a review of the original designs
2017-03-15 (3)

and of course all of the cards finished, including morphing.
2017-03-15  group morph

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