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2017-02-25; February Stamp Camp morphed project #1


This past week I was able to go to the February Stamp Camp at my Demo’s home, Sally. This month I forgot to pack my took kit and bring it with me. As I was heading over to Sally’s house after work I realized that I didn’t have it. When I got there Sally lent me anything I needed, thank you Sally!

On the first card we learned to emboss and letter press. In this case we inked the folder and embossed the trees. Here is what the original design looked like.

2017-02-23 (2)

Since I didn’t have my favorite glue with me I stamped, embossed and prepared all the pieces but took them home. Since I now had the basic design I was able to add to it and the card morphed into this…

2017-02-25 (5)  Lacy Labels

I added doodling and brads to the face. It really looked more like a cat to me after doodling.

2017-02-25 (4)

I used the Cricut cartridge Lacy Labels (left in there from the last project) for the frame & layers. this design is called “berries” so rather than cutting out berries I added glittery acrylic dots in various sizes and colors. Next time I might try tiny flowers.

2017-02-25 (3)

There is a story to the sentiment. When I was at Sally’s she brought out two boxes of stamps that Sonia’s Family had left with her to distribute after Sonia’s passing. I picked through the boxes picking loose sentiments. I found a small clam shell box that had a number of unmounted sentiments. When I was making this card I found this sentiment and a duplicate of it. When I mail this card the extra sentiment along with it, spreading the generosity of Sonia and her family.


Here is a look at the box-o-stamps. There are many mounted stamps under the pictured grouped sets. It will be fun to go through them to see what’s really there.

2017-02-24  Sonia Stamps

Thank you Sally for being the executor of the stamp estate!

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