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2017-02-17; Stenciled background


Today’s sample just started out with me using 3-4 stencils and adding color. I have learned that you really don’t know what something will look like unless you finish it off; so I did. It leaves something to be desired as I know not all experiments work out to my satisfaction.

2017-01-20 (2)

The sentiment was a gift from a girlfriend who inadvertently bought the same set twice. She passed out the pieces from the set at random and this is one I ended up with.

2017-01-20 (3)

The flowers are an item that another friend sent to me. She said they didn’t sell in a rummage sale that she had had and knew I would put them to use. I have used them on quite a few projects actually.
I added a couple of punched leaves and a gem to finish them off.

2017-01-20 (4)

One last look at the card. I think the card was just ok until I added the acrylic dots. I think it pushed the design down the hill and up to the ugly plateau on the other side lol! I did try to pry them off, but they wanted to take paper with them so I let them be.

2017-01-20 (1)

Sentiment and flourish by Stampin Up
Stencils by Tim Holtz

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