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2017-01-07; Alpah shipping tag swap – “O”


For the month of December I skipped the alpha swaps. I just couldn’t keep up with that, the Christmas card project and working full time. My swap partner agreed and kindly said we should put the swap off until 2017.

Here I’m just starting to cut pieces for the “O” tag and not too sure what I’m going to do next.


The first thing that came to mind was “O” for Owl. I think I cut this from a new (to me) cartridge Give a Hoot or Hoot N Holler. I got both of these just before Christmas. You can see that I used a stylus to add texture to the die cut and also added small brads for eyes.

2016-12-30   O-tag (4)

Next I looked at pictures for birds starting with the letter “O” this is supposed to be an oriole. The colors are right but placement will have to be considered artistic expression 🙂

2016-12-30   O-tag (5)

I’m pretty sure this tree and bird are from the Give a Hoot cartridge. I gave the tree some pruning to trim it down to size to fit the tag size.

2016-12-30   O-tag (1)

And one more look at the tag before you go on about your day….

2016-12-30   O-tag (2)

The “O” words for the tag this month are:

Ombre (background)

Do let me know if you see any other “O” words so I can add them to the list.

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