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2016-11-16; November Shoebox Project #2 – metal leaves


One of our stamping buddies was out of town so I brought an extra card for the ladies to put together.

The story behind this card is that Jane gave me a package of gold tone craft metal to work with. Here is what I found out…wear gloves. That stuff is like a razor coming out of the package. The other part of the story is the swoosh stamp image was a cast off from Maggi. She had bought this individual stamp and then found a set with a very similar swoosh included in it. Lucky me, I was the lucky recipient of the duplicate image.

Once I got a piece of the metal cut off and die cut it was better. The die cutting rolls the edges of the die cut piece just a bit making it much safer to handle.

Here are the two samples the ladies were able to choose from.

2016-11-14 (6)

Because I am taking a photo of metal, I had to tip the card at a weird angle so you could see all of the colors. Otherwise it would just look dark as in the photo above with the two cards.

2016-11-14 (7)

Here is a good close look at the leaf. Once it was die cut we took some alcohol ink and colored it by tapping on with a felt pad.

2016-11-14 (9)

And one more look before you go on about your day….

2016-11-14 (8)

Maggi showed me about alcohol ink back in the day. Now I was able to show Jane on a project about alcohol ink. It was a fun relaxing night. Be sure to check back as I have more projects to share from the November Shoebox craft night.

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  1. 2016/11/16 10:59 am

    Oh wow! On the reader I thought it was real leaves then flipped here to find it’s even more durable metal. Would be lovely framed.

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