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2016-11-13; card parts, left over’s and tuck-in’s put to use


After I made yesterday’s foil background card I had lots of pieces left on my desk. I took these and a few tuck-in’s I’ve gotten from my stamping friend and made a card using bits and pieces.

I was given a print of a flower border, the foil sheet, the DP under the sentiment and the die cut flourish.

2016-11-10 (3)

Here is a close look at the sentiment by Penny Black. To frame the sentiment I took a few extra ovals, stacked them and then made a frame from another extra by die cutting an oval out of the middle of it. I put 3-d mounting tape on this one and then added it over the sentiment.

From there I took the flower border and snipped all of the flowers apart. I added the flowers in an oval and had 2 left over to add to the front.

2016-11-10 (2)

And one more look at the card before you go on about your day…

2016-11-10 (1)

The punched background turned out horribly. I had tossed this on the side but when I started stacking layers you really don’t see that it’s awful. I looks like an interesting pattern and that’s all. It just proves that you need to try some of those parts that are destined for the trash bin. You never know that they could turn into a foiled, flowered beauty like this one.

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