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2016-06-02 ; C-Tag Swap & Saturday (May Play Date); Project #2


In Mid May I got together with a friend. I posponed sharing the tag that I made that day as I know my partner see’s my blog. I wanted to wait until she had the tag in her hands so as not to spoil the swap surprise.

My friend put some shaped tags in front of me along with a box of stickers, embellishments and assorted bits and bobs. As we sat there she asked me to create a tag from what I had before me.

Knowing that I need a C-Tag (Tag with items starting with the letter c) I began looking for items that had to do with the letter C. I collaged a few items and this is what I came up with….see if you can find 5 items that start with the letter C by the end of this post.

2016-05-21  play day with Jan (8)

I took this close view so you can see that I added a little dimension to the tag too.

2016-05-21  play day with Jan (10)

Thanks to my friend Jan for giving me supplies to create and play with!

And here is the list…did you see them all?

(((((((((((((((((( ********************** ))))))))))))))))))))))))

C List
Candy Cane
Christmas Tree
Crystal Gems
and the Letter “C”

Thanks for stopping by today.

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