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2016-05-21; “B” ATC


Continuing with one of my alphabet swaps…an ATC that has something to do with the letter B. I managed to come up with a list it items and techniques for B. See if you can pick out 6 before you get to the last photo.

2016-05-15   B-ATC (1)

This close up shows all the texture in the background. That first layer is drywall tape, then distress ink followed by dabs of acrylic paint, then texture paste and finally the die cut leaf.

2016-05-15   B-ATC (4)

This cute little bird was sent to me by my stamping friend Tara. She sends me little bits and bobs that I’ve been adding to my card parts box. Any time I need a little something, I just sort through the box and pick out one of the fun die cuts or punches that can be found there. This one came already colored, I just added a little black sponging to the edges.

2016-05-15   B-ATC (3)

Because it is hard to pick out unless you are looking for it; I took this close up of the stamping with bubble wrap.

2016-05-15   B-ATC (5)

Which brings us back to the beginning. Did you find 6 B words?

2016-05-15   B-ATC (2)

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m having a stamping friend over today and hope to have some of our play day creations to share with you tomorrow.


List of B items:
Bubble Wrap
Beautiful Day

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