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2016-04-07; bits & pieces atc


My stamping friend Karen, sent me a few stamped backgrounds. Here are the two that I got a picture of. The piece I worked with today is the one on the left. It was quite dark so I tried gesso, stamping and spattering to see how it would look. A little too dark yet.

karen's background

I ended up adding a layer of tissue, drywall tape and some stencil paste and it turned out looking like this. I have so far made 2 ATC’s using the center portion of the background. When I trimmed it up I was left with narrow strips of the decorated background. Rather than throw them away as I usually do, I put them on a 3rd ATC.


Here is what it turned out as:

2016-04-07  ATC (2)

I added a tiny ready made blue silk flower with pearl and some hand cut leaves.

2016-04-07  ATC (4)

Here you can see the texture, gold leaf lightly sprinkled and some chunky glitter. The wet paste will dry clear, so no worries. I always take photos when everything is drying or so it seems.
2016-04-07  ATC (1)

And that brings us back to ATC #3.

2016-04-07  ATC (3)

ATC’s 1 & 2 are ready to be mailed to my stamping friends that inspired the project. I will hold off on showing them until they’ve been received. I think both of them visit my craft journal/blog regularly and I don’t want to spoil it for them!

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