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2016-01-30; Lost in mail? Art Journal page #3


Well its been about two weeks since I mailed pages 3&4 of the art tiles to my partner and they appear to be lost in the mail. Unfortunately I mailed them in in the same envelope so both are gone. I did take photos so I can share with my partner and with you.

Here is how it started out…
1. gesso the 4×4″ square
2016-01-09 (2)

2. randomly add washi tape
2016-01-09 (3)

3. rubber stamp text
2016-01-09 (4)

4. brush with more gesso
2016-01-09 (5)

5. add texture paste through stencil
2016-01-09 (6)

6. add distress stain and dab/pounce with baby wipe.
2016-01-09 (7)

7. add a 2nd color of distress stain and pounce more.
2016-01-09 (8)

8. Decorate with die cuts and stamp sentiment
2016-01-09 (10)

9. For the 2nd side I used DP and decorated using layers
2016-01-09 (12)

10. Finished. This is the front (left side) and the back (right side).
2016-01-09 (9)

I’m glad I took lots of photos of this one; I only took finished photos of page 4 that I can share tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. 2016/01/29 10:32 pm

    Beautiful, and such a lot of work. That stinks that they were lost in the mail. It’s terrible how many cards do not arrive at their destination:(

    • Dorothy permalink
      2016/01/30 9:17 am

      My sister once put the wrong zip code on a package. It was routed all over the place but eventually arrived back at her house six weeks later. Unfortunately, she had mailed chocolate and it was summer. Needless to say, it was not edible. So, sending positive thoughts that your package finds it way to it’s destination or back to you eventually.

      • 2016/01/30 12:03 pm

        Thank you so much for your good thoughts. I do hope they show up somewhere.

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