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2015-12-25; Family Christmas card 2015


Merry Christmas! This is the design that we mailed out this year for the family Christmas card. As has become our tradition, my husband helped with coloring, gluing and assembly. This family project is the only time of year I can get him to help and I really enjoy the crafty time with him. He follows directions well and even offers suggestions.

2015-12-25 (1)

This view shows the subtle glimmer on the dome tops of the buildings and also the gem on the star.

2015-12-25 (6)

So far this looks like a standard Christmas card you’d get, right? The surprise comes when you open it…a tunnel card with our Christmas wish from our family to yours.

2015-12-25 (5)

And before you go on about your day, one last look

2015-12-25 (2)

From our family to yours, wishing you peace, warmth and the love of Jesus our Savior to fill your heart and home. Merry Christmas.

Video courtesy of the web site & Kenny Rogers. Merry Christmas.

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