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2015-12-23; Design Space Freebie, delicate rose filigree


Before you go further you probably realize that this design is not in Christmas colors. I made this for a themed swap. Maybe you can guess what the name of the swap is by the time you get to the end of this blog post.

I went to Cricut’s Design Space, clicked on “my images” and this very pretty filigree rose design came up. It must be one of this months free designs there.

2015-12-23   Design Space Freebie (3)

Who ever my partner is for this swap will have to untie the bow, 3 times. Just a simple bow, tied on top of each other 3 times with narrow pale yellow organdy ribbon.

2015-12-23   Design Space Freebie (4)

Here I’ve opened the card so you can see the insides. This lovely verse is by TAC (The Angel Company); embossed in gold onto white vellum. I used gold foil stickers to hold the vellum in place, but it didn’t seem strong enough so I added yellow eyelets just to be sure.

Originally, the front two panels were filigree only. As I added the scripture verse I decided to line the front panels with a darker shade of yellow. Not only did that help cover the verse a bit, but it also gave tons of stability to the front panels.

2015-12-23   Design Space Freebie (1)

And that brings us back to the beginning. Not a Christmas card really, but with the lovely scripture verse could be used for one. It can certainly be used anytime of year but especially at Easter time I would think.

2015-12-23   Design Space Freebie (2)

So now that you’ve looked over the design carefully, did you guess then name of the swap? No. Not roses. It’s the color yellow. Everything is yellow. Gold is yellow too, right? The only other color is the hint of white from the vellum and tiny polka dots peeking out from behind the vellum. I hope my partner likes it!

Thanks for stopping by today for the un-Christmas, Christmas card.

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  1. Collette permalink
    2015/12/23 1:18 am

    Pretty. This would make a great wedding announcement!!

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