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2015-12-22; Fancy 3-d gift tag or tree ornament?


This started out as extra parts on my desk. The bottom two mats were miss-sized when I cut them out so they were put aside. Both mats were originally a butter cream color. By using distress inks I changed the color by direct to paper on the base mat and sponging the the lighter colored mat.

2015-12-22  Elegant Edges (1)

You can see that I added glitter glue to each of the ridges on the rosette; and that they are still wet. Won’t they be sparkly when dry? Under the rosette is a fancy die cut and some DP. My friend Jane gave me a baggie of flowers and I’ve just started to pull them out and put them to use. Here I’ve covered up the center of the rosette with one of the white sparkly ones she gave me.

2015-12-22  Elegant Edges (3)

And one last look before you go on about your day….

2015-12-22  Elegant Edges (2)

This actually started out to be a gift tag; the back is blank so you can write the to & from there. However; it turned out so pretty it could very well be a tree ornament as well.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. 2016/02/20 1:33 pm

    This is so difficult but looking very good,

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