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2015-12-02; The stamp that jumped in the trash….


Today’s design features 2 stamps that were freebies. A few months ago at a Shoebox group night one of the ladies shared some free stamps. It seems another stamping friend had decided to give them away. I dove in and brought home a number of stamps, mostly words as I collect those like a squirrel collects nuts. But, I did pick up these two stamps, the tree and the sentiment. The sentiment and the lovely star are all on the same stamp.

2015-11-27 (2)

I know you are wondering about the stamp that jumped in the trash…well, it was the tree that I trashed. Can you see just below the first red letter a gap? I’ve tried to cover it using a water brush and adding more ink. Once I realized that the rubber was marred I decided to just dump it and move on. It actually looks like it was sanded (think Dremmel tool) and a chunk is just gone.

Now that I’ve dumped it, I feel relieved. I’ll never have to worry about trying to cover up the missing part of the tree again.

Before I forget; the sentiment is by Stamps Happen.

2015-11-27 (3)

Which brings us back to the beginning…

2015-11-27 (1)

Have a great day and I hope you can feel the freedom to toss a stamp if you need to!

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  1. 2015/12/03 11:58 am

    Absolutely lovely card!!!! You got a real bargain when you grabbed those two stamps!

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