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2015-11-28; Snowman from Deer Friends


Here is another card that I’ve made for a swap. This one actually qualifies for two swaps that I’ve signed up for, so I made two. Why reinvent the wheel if you have all the supplies right in front of you?

The first swap is called layers. The card was supposed to have a minimum of 4 layers. I’ve done that and then some.

The second swap had to be a card that was rubber stamped. This one qualifies for that too!

2015-11-28  Deer Friends (2)

Here is an easy embellishment for the winter theme, a punched glittered snowflake.

2015-11-28  Deer Friends (3)

Next up are the faux brads. These are just hole punches that have been stacked and then glittered.

2015-11-28  Deer Friends (5)

and finally the Snowman from the Deer Friends stamp set. I had some orange fun foam and added it for the nose. In this photo you can see each and every layer….7! 8 if you count the carrot nose.

2015-11-28  Deer Friends (6)

So here you have an oxymoron…a CAS card with at least 7 layers. It also has 3 different kinds of punches that have been used and two different circle dies. Can it really be CAS if all that stuff is on it?

2015-11-28  Deer Friends (1)

Thanks for stopping by today. I would be interested in hearing your comments on the different patterns that were used. I remember back in the day when you would NEVER mix patterns. Here I’ve used three different patterns that have nothing to do with each other and surprisingly I like the color combo and overall look. What do you think?

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