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2015-11-04; Invasion of the Asian Beetles


Asian beetles are everywhere the last few days. I have even found a few in my basement craft space. They are not red like ladybugs, but a rust color, which is what my shaped card for today is.

I made two different sizes. The smaller one is 4.5″ and the larger 5″ and were cut from the cartridge Doodle Charms. I kept looking for the layer for the antenna, but there was none. Well, that didn’t seem right so I looked at a real beetle, and they don’t have any. I guess these are anatomically correct.

2015-11-04  Doodle Charms (1)

It’s always easier to see the details if I just take a photo of one of the cards so here you go. The card looked really plain until I added texture. I used two different embossing folders. One on the black and another on the rust layers.

2015-11-04  Doodle Charms (3)

The card still looked a wee-bit plain so I added glitter glue, a sentiment and some rummage sale flowers.

2015-11-04  Doodle Charms (4)

I opened the card so you could see the inside. You can see where I put the hinge so the card would open. It is just a score on the back panel then glued together. Easy, and you don’t need special software to make it work. I kept the inside pretty plain so I’d have room to write. I lined it with matted circles and stamped the sentiment.

2015-11-04  Doodle Charms (5)

And one more look at these little invaders before you go on about your day.

2015-11-04  Doodle Charms (2)

Thanks for stopping by…and as for these little beetles, they are about to fly away to a couple of stamping friends.

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  1. thepaperbaker permalink
    2015/11/04 8:54 am

    Ultra Cute! And yes we have been inundated with like a zillion of these beetles too lol

  2. 2015/11/04 2:15 pm

    Yuk on the Asian beetles, but your card is sure cute!

  3. 2015/11/04 4:02 pm

    Those are really cute cards!!! We actually a few of the real thing around here now…..not as bad as some years though. 🙂

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