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2015-11-03; Fall Harvest with Doodle Charms


I am in full swing with the harvest/fall cards now. My favorite cards to make! Today’s sample uses a $1 stamp and the Cartridge Doodle Charms. I cut enough pieces to make two similar cards.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (1)

On this closer view of one of the cards I used my very first border punch ever purchased. It is a leaf border by Fiskers. The other border in the above photo was giving me grief and wouldn’t punch properly so I gave up with that one.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (2)

Here is a closer view of the border and the $1 stamp. You can see I added a few layers including my nemesis color, canary yellow. The ribbons were from a scrap bag. I didn’t even worry about the colors; I just looked for the right width and length.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (4)

Just for good measure I threw on the last couple of leaves from the wreath project.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (6)

The apples were cut at 1″ in assorted colors of green, yellow and red.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (5)

And that brings us back to the beginning. I hope you enjoyed the basket full of harvest apples. Now I want pie.

2015-11-02   Doodle Charms (3)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. thepaperbaker permalink
    2015/11/03 12:00 pm

    ADORABLE cards!!!

  2. 2015/11/04 4:35 pm

    Really great cards! Love the baskets of apples and the fancy borders!

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