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2015-10-24; Sunflower; Classically Modern Cards


Oh my gosh. Never give up on your mistakes. Don’t be discouraged, I have real life samples to illustrate the point.

If you recall yesterday I cut out a card and it didn’t turn out card sized (operator error) rather than give up I proceeded to create a card using my die cut piece as a tag embellishment.

Fast forward to last evening. I decided to re-cut the card at the correct size and try again. This time it is 5.5″ tall card with a fancy floral design being the top of the card. I did everything pretty much the same except this time I omitted the flower soft center.

Here is how the card should have turned out…

2015-10-23  Classically Modern Cards (2)

I used a glitter paper this time rather than the flower soft for the flower center. I gave the petals the same treatment as on the previous card, using my stylus and pastels to add some color.

2015-10-23  Classically Modern Cards (4)

Again, I used the same words and fun foam to pop the sentiment up a bit. You can see just a corner of it sticking out. I’ll snip that back a bit more to make sure it’s undercover before getting mailed out.

2015-10-23  Classically Modern Cards (3)

Now…take a look at the two cards together; which would you prefer to get in the mail?

2015-10-23  Classically Modern Cards (1)2015-10-23 (8)  Classically Modern Cards

I can tell you which I’d pick….the one that was a mistake!

I hope that this illustration will help you in your crafting. Don’t toss the mistake, finish it up and see how it looks. It may just turn out even better than the original design you had in mind.

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  1. 2015/10/24 1:56 pm

    They are both very nice, but I agree with you – I like the “mistake”card better:)

  2. Karen Nowakowski Ross permalink
    2015/11/01 11:30 pm

    I agree not to give up! You never know! I like to go to Billie’s and see what she has in the ‘scrap’ box, sometimes they are things the cut out and did not like/or use it. I gathered up the pieces-parts on my stamping table and created 2 pretty good collage type of cards. It was fun to keep putting pieces on and see what the finished card was.

    Good encouragement to not give up! ALL of your designs are AWESOME, I don’t think I’ve seen a bad card from you! Hugs accross the miles!

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