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2015-10-18; Cricut cut pumpkin treat boxes


Last evening I was at my craft desk and just looking to make something. I settled on treat boxes to pass out the folks in my department at work. I pulled out the cartridge, Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 by Cricut and cut the first one out at the suggested 9″ size.

That yielded a pumpkin size of about 4″x4″. A little big for the size treats I was going to use so I down scaled to 5.5″. This yielded a pumpkin size of 2.5″x2.5″. A little smaller than I hoped but will do nicely filled with Hershey Kisses. At the 5.5″ size I was able to get 4 pumpkins out of a 12×12″ page.

Here all the boxes I ended up making, the one big one and 8 smaller ones.


I used any extra leaf cuts that I already had on my desk and began assembling and decorating. You can see in the photo that the glue is still wet, never fear; it dries clear!

I took this over-look view so you can see the box part of the treat box. I think this larger box will hold 3 fun size candy bars, while the smaller ones will hold perhaps 4-5 kisses.


and one more view before you go on about your day….


I am now ready to put these out on my co-workers desks at the end of the month. I don’t celebrate holloween but I sure can share a little harvest basket of goodies.

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