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2015-09-27; Unicorn? Didn’t think I had one!


Have you ever joined in on a swap and only then realize you don’t have the image in rubber or stickers? Plus; you have no clue where to start?

That’s exactly the place where I found myself with the theme of “unicorn.” I was seriously about to drop out when I decided to flip through my Cricut books. I didn’t find anything. Then I remembered…a website called “My Cut Search.” It has a database so you just put in a word, say…unicorn and it will search through all of the Cricut images and show you every image available and what cartridge it can be found on. (Not to mention the page number of the book!)

There were only about 6 images total and to my surprise I actually had a cartridge that contained a unicorn; Paisley.

Sorry about the glare, I didn’t see that until after I’d mailed the card out for the swap. It is a pale map background that had a slight sheen to it.

2015-09-13 (6)  Paisley - Elegant Edges

After having cut the image of the unicorn I used pieces on my desk to build the base card. The scallop edge is from the cartridge Elegant Edges using the book feature.

I added texture to the horse body using a stylus.

2015-09-13 (9)  Paisley - Elegant Edges

and one last look before you go on about your day…. And in case anyone should ask; the “hello” was a gift from a stamping friend and is a die cut.

2015-09-13 (7)  Paisley - Elegant Edges

Thanks for stopping by today.

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