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2015-09-16; I needed thank you cards….


And I needed a bunch of thank you cards…

2015-09-04 (5)

Yesterday I showed this card and told you that I would tell you more about it today. I happened to have cut extra pieces so I took them along as a spare project to make at my craft night. I’m glad I did!

Then I needed envelopes for all of these cards so I made those from unloved DP. I folded them inside out so I’d have a white envelope with a faux liner inside.

2015-09-04 (4)

close up of one of the cards

2015-09-04 (6)

close up of the flower embellishment

2015-09-04 (2)

and the punched border

2015-09-04 (3)

I made this thank-you card with all gifts that were given to me during the month of August…and sent one out to each person who was kind enough to send something to me for my birthday! I still have lots more embellishments to use and make cards with.

List of gifted items used:
Scrapbook papers = Maggi
Sentiment = Gretta
post-it note flags = Zindy
craft card stock = Jane*

*These were actually discarded file folders that I cut into mats.

Thank you one and all! I have so many more gifted items to use so you will be seeing lots more of them in the future.

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