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2015-09-13; Craft day and homemade soup!


I went straight from work to my girlfriends house where she fed me some really wonderful homemade soup. Then we got down to crafting away for the evening. I supplied the projects and she took care of the food. Such a deal 🙂

I took some die cut pieces (Elegant Edges) her house for the first project. I had no clue what the card would look like as I had not made a prototype. I just brought pieces that I thought would work together. Both of our cards turned out quite different but just so you can see how mine ended up, here ya’ go!

2015-09-08 (3)

I used DP that my friend had given me. She thought she had gotten rid of it; who knew she’d end up using it on a card she would make lol! I also brought a scrap of lace I thought I would use for a background layer but it turned into a flower instead. I just pinched and glued it down, adding the paper flower in the center to finish is off.

2015-09-08 (5)

To each of the die cut flower parts in the frame, I added a crystal gem. I also popped the frame up over the white stamped sentiment piece. It turned out pretty well considering it was just kind of flung together 😉 When I got home I added the die cut leaves to fill in around the lace flower.

2015-09-08 (4)

It was a fun night, but I was oh so tired when I got home. I had left for work at 6:45 am and didn’t’ get home until 8:45 pm. I pretty much flopped right into bed. It was worth it though!

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  1. 2015/09/13 10:23 am

    It’s cool here today. I love making homemade soups so that sounds good to me. You created a pretty card, too!

  2. 2015/09/13 5:44 pm

    Another beauty!

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