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2015-08-06; July’s Shoebox project #1-Doggie Lover’s Card


We had the July Shoebox meeting yesterday at my house. A little late for July, but what the heck! It just means we can meet again in August.

One of the ladies was unable to attend due to health issues in her family. So about an hour or so before the ladies were to arrive I started cutting out pieces for a dog lover’s card so we would have plenty of projects to play with for the evening. The other two ladies who would be attending both have dog’s with the silhouette that I used (Cricut cartridge, Small Talk). I brought out left over pieces from previous projects as well as mats, a few rubber stamps and DP laying it all out in front of them and the results you see are what they created with supplies given them.

Here is a photo of the work in progress…
2015-08-05 (1)
and another layout in progress here….
2015-08-05 (2)

In the above photos each of the ladies had pretty much decided how the final projects would look, so here you see the results.

2015-08-05 (10) Small Talk - Elegant Edges -  Outdoor Man

and now the close ups so you can see the details; first the golden retriever card…
2015-08-05 (6) Small Talk - Elegant Edges

2015-08-05 (7) Small Talk - Elegant Edges

2015-08-05 (5) Small Talk - Elegant Edges

and now the black lab card

2015-08-05 (6)

2015-08-05 (13) Small Talk - Elegant Edges -  Outdoor Man

I think they both did a great job with having pieces thrown at them and being asked to create a card! And they; being doggie lovers, creating a card like their own dogs absolutely loved the designs!

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  1. 2015/08/06 8:40 am

    You really created two great cards using the dog silhouette! Looks like you make good use of you Silhouette and leftover pieces. πŸ™‚

  2. thepaperbaker permalink
    2015/08/06 9:32 am

    Great cards & looks like everyone had a great time πŸ™‚

  3. 2015/08/06 12:29 pm

    Fabulous cards!!! Love them ~Sophia

  4. Jennifer Earley permalink
    2015/08/07 7:53 am

    too cute! love the stamps all around.

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