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2015-07-18; Decorated Shipping Tag Swap; just add a seashell


A few months ago my friend Chrissy gave me a chance to rummage through some rubber stamps and take my pick.  I chose some beach/sea themed stamps and they came in handy for this months swap; A tag with a seashell.
2015-07-14 (2)

I took a standard size shipping tag and dipped into ink that had been dabbed onto a craft sheet.  It being a sea theme I used blue and green.  Once that was dry I added the sentiment and some homemade seashell stick pins.  Don’t worry, I took a wire cutters and snipped off the pointy bits so the recipient wouldn’t get stabbed.
2015-07-14 (1)

I added a 2nd shipping tag as a backer; it gave it more strength as well.  I was thinking this would make a really nice bookmark as there are not real lumps and bumps.

2015-07-14 (3)

So there you are; a shipping tag with a seashell on it.

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  1. 2015/07/18 10:24 am

    I’ve never done tags. I like the colors you used for yours and the shell images!

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