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2015-07-08; Tags Bags & Boxes 2-first project from it & Picturesque


For the second project of the day I brought all the pieces for this cute box. It was cut at 6″ and yielded a finished box size of 4 x 2 3/4″ (including the height of the handle.) from the cartridge Tags, Bags & Boxes 2 on Page 26. The For You sentiment was cut at 1 1/2″ (Page 35)

I liked this box as it could be decorated and opened up without destroying it to get to the contents. The first view is of the front of the box. I love how the butterfly turned out too…I added this 3 layer butterfly by coiling a wire and attaching it to a flower on the back of the sentiment.

2015-07-06 (6)

Here I’ve opened up the box and so you can see how much it holds I’ve added some candy for size reference. It can hold a good amount.

2015-07-06 (8)

Since this is a 3-d project I also decorated the back of the box. I cut flowers and leaves from the cartridge Picturesque.

2015-07-06 (7)

This project of course took the longest but really did turn out cute. We both decided that we had put too much work into this little box to give it away. Well at least just yet. 😉


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