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2015-07-07; Elegant Edges and chunky glitter


Yesterday I packed up my shoebox and headed to Maggi’s house for the day. We have workmen putting in windows and siding for the next few weeks and she was giving me a much needed reprieve from the banging. The deal was; she’d feed me and I’d bring things we could play with. It was a great deal if you ask me!!

Here is the very first project we made. I cut the pieces out from the Elegant Edges cartridge at 5 1/4″. It’s the perfect size and still fits in an A2 envelope.

2015-07-06 (12)

I was cutting this out just as I was leaving for her house. I wanted to spiffy up the frame so I added tacky glue and chunky glitter. I wrapped the pieces in wax paper to they could transport without wrecking anything in transit. I brought along extra glitter in case it turned into a mess or rubbed off, but it worked out just fine. My frame was still pretty damp but I just pealed it off the wax paper and let it finish drying on my project. The flowers you see were a gift from (I think) one of my Diva Stamping Buddies.

2015-07-06 (15)

The piece isn’t quite finished as I’ll be adding a sentiment to the front when I’m ready to send it off. Maggi thought her’s would make a lovely baby shower card. She has one that she is going to and yes the colors are good for a baby boy.

2015-07-06 (13)

Be sure to stop by for the next few days as I’ll be showing all the things we made together!

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  1. thepaperbaker permalink
    2015/07/07 10:25 am

    Such a lovely card! Love the soft yellow color 🙂

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