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2015-04-26; April Shoebox project by Maggi


Maggi’s project was based on a design theory called flash cards. Basically, you pre-cut DP and file it away in a box so that in the future you can quickly make cards in a “flash”. It was fun and this clean and simple design shows just one of the ways you could decorate your card.

Maggi supplied us with enough “fixin’s” for us to make two cards. On the first card we made, we added a sticker and brad.

2015-04-21 (7)

And just so you can see how stinkin’ cute this brad is, here you go…doncha love those eyes?

2015-04-21 (10)

Now onto the second card…this one had a wee bit of stamping, punched pieces and even so Cricut cut leaves! I was so impressed! She is really using the Cricut now that I’ve shown her the basics.

2015-04-21 (9)

And a final look before you go on about your day….

2015-04-21 (8)

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  1. 2015/04/27 9:39 pm

    Yummy looks good. I like the four square color and the fun cupcake. I’d better eat it before the ladybug gets to it..

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