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2015-03-11; Card sized art tile; Creativity


I’m still fooling around with art tiles. The tutorial for them is HERE if you’d like to look it over. I’m still having trouble with bleeding of ink and the next card I make I’m going to be sealing it between applications and see if that helps.

2015-03-05 (2)

Even though I used waterproof ink some of it bled anyway. I just took a gel pen and filled in the missing letters. Kind of an appropriate sentiment for winging it, don’t you think?

2015-03-05 (4)

One last look before you go on about your day…to bad you cant see the gloss and glimmer of the finished piece.

2015-03-05 (3)

Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. 2015/03/21 1:19 pm

    Great background and sentiment. I like the glossy.. Yeah its sad when waterproof isn’t. You made it work though. Great card

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