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2015-03-06; Post card swap


Its a post card swap! I cut up one of the green file folders into a piece that measures 4″x6″. It is sturdy enough to be mailed just as is.

I added some gesso; then dipped in distress inks, stamped, covered with watermark ink and embossed in clear. The clear coat gives it a nice texture and will protect the colors from being rubbed off during handling.

2015-02-26 (3)

The sentiment is by my Heart Stamps for You and was purchased at one of my very first conventions. I miss going to conventions!

2015-02-26 (2)

The image of the girl is by Stamp Land. I bought this at a rummage sale quite a few years ago. The little girl is such a beautiful child…wish I had occasion to use this image more often.

2015-02-26 (1)

I thought the sentiment appropriate as I’ve been on a diet and exercising for nearly a year. By gum, it is a truism if ever I saw one.

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  1. 2015/03/06 8:19 am

    She is adorable, Bonnie! What a great postcard, and so true. Good for you for your diet and exercise for a year. I hope it’s working for you!

    • 2015/03/06 8:29 am

      The diet? Yes and no. Yes in that I lost 70 pounds (yup a former huge girl). And no as over the holidays I gained13 back and seriously can’t get it back off. Talk about being attached at the hip! LOL.

  2. chrissy bornfleth permalink
    2015/03/07 9:48 am

    Beautiful!!! And I got a chuckle out of the sentiment too!

  3. 2015/03/21 1:21 pm

    Really nice I like the soft colors and the image.

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