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2015-02-21; Rummage sale finds!


Rummage sale finds!

2015-02-21  rummage sale

Once Chrissy told me there was a rubber stamp rummage sale in town I got really, really twitchy. I lasted all day yesterday but gave in to temptation today. In the photo you see the items that I picked out. I didn’t go crazy like I have other years. I only spent about $20 of the wash money that I earned by washing my son’s work clothes. I now wish he’d get his stuff dirty quicker just the opposite of when he was little.

I also met two new ladies who live just one town away. I have hopes of getting together with them!

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  1. 2015/02/21 2:46 pm

    Finding bargains like that is always fun! How nice that you found some ladies that you can possibly get together with. I wish I had someone like that close to me.

  2. 2015/02/23 9:14 am

    Fun stuff, Bonnie! Very cool you found a great sale. And I hope you can get together and do some stamping!

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