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2015-02-15; Art Tiles & photo tutorial


This will be a photo heavy post as I’m showing step by step how I got the tiles to look like they do.

I started with a file folder that was given to me by one of the ladies at last weeks shoebox meeting. The outside of the folder is a very heavy light green. There is also an inside folder in a dark kraft. Each of the folders has metal binding clips to hold papers in place within the file.

2015-02-12 (24)

I cut one side of the green folder off and cut it up into pieces. There are 2 ATC sized pieces and 3 1″ pieces (or inchies). To strengthen the piece I have 3 ATC (and/or inchies) stacked and glued in a pile making a nice heavy chip board quality piece. I painted these with white acrylic paint for a base coat.

2015-02-12 (1)

Next I added washi tape (Tim Holtz) randomly on each of the pieces.

2015-02-12 (2)

Paint the pieces with Gesso.

2015-02-12 (3)

Add additional stamping

2015-02-12 (4)

Add a little more Gesso, randomly

2015-02-12 (5)

Add additional stamping

2015-02-12 (6)

Sponge on color. I used distress inks.

2015-02-12 (7)

Right at this step I ran into a little trouble. I painted Mod Podge over the pieces and the distress inks smeared. Note to self; Mod Podge is water based and makes the distress inks bleed and blend. I ended up added some distress stains on top of the Mod Podge as the background colors were not very attractive at this point. I then carefully dabbed on more Mod Podge and waited for it to dry. Additional coats of the glaze went on well after that.

Here are the finished pieces…

2015-02-12 (11)

This is the piece I had the most trouble with. I decided to add some die cuts to the piece to help cover some of the smear in the background. However I do think that the addition of stains took care of that.

2015-02-12 (12)

I added a charm and covered it with glaze as well

2015-02-12 (14)

I added a heavy drop of glaze and sprinkled with champagne glitter for the flower center

2015-02-12 (15)

A gold foil sticker finishes off this ATC size art tile

2015-02-12 (16)

The second art tile is not quite as colorful but I like it for its collage design

2015-02-12 (17)

There was a little snippet left of the die cut I used from the other tile. I inked it black and applied it to the corner.

2015-02-12 (18)

And finally the inchies. These will most likely be added to a collage style card.

2015-02-12 (19)

The grainy texture in this tile is micro fine glitter. It just doesn’t photograph well.

2015-02-12 (21)

This tile has glitter, a tiny piece of doily and some Christmas tinsel snipped in pieces added to it.

2015-02-12 (22)

And finally, the last inchie has one more piece of the die cut added to it.

2015-02-12 (23)

Which brings us back to the beginning. If you actually read through all this you really should leave me a comment. I would love to know that you made it all the way to the end 😉

2015-02-12 (11)

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you head back again.

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  1. chrissy bornfleth permalink
    2015/02/15 11:26 am

    These are fantastic!!! I knew you would think of something clever to do with the file folders from Jane. You do a wonderful job with collage. That is one of the techniques I have not yet felt comfortable with.

    • 2015/02/16 1:51 pm

      I don’t think I do well with collage either. A stamping friend suggested that I not think about the end result. I guess that philosophy worked in this case.

  2. Karen Nowakowski Ross permalink
    2015/02/15 10:01 pm

    I got the end, but cheated because I wanted to know what the finished product was, then I went back and reread. So they are extra thick, (3 layer) and what will you ‘do’ with them? I understand the ‘inchies’ will be added to another project another day, but what about the bigger ones? Just wondering! Thanks for sharing your process, it is interesting to see each step as just reading directions would not have been clear to me. Happy Day!

    • 2015/02/15 10:57 pm

      The larger ones are actually ATC’s. Those I’ll trade with other ladies who make those. And these will be totally unique.


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