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2015-01-19; January Stamp Camp card #3


Card #3 from the January Stamp Camp was designed around this background; Polished Stone.

2015-01-17 (9)

I had fun making the background but had some difficulty with stamping the images onto it. I should have let the background dry more thoroughly. No matter, it still is a fun color combo and reminded me of a technique I used to use quite some time ago. I think I still have lots of inks hiding somewhere for this.

2015-01-17 (8)

The polished stone is layered onto a black mat. Rather than try to cut up the background I opted to slice a narrow piece of black card stock to lay down on top of the polished stone. This makes like it was individually cut up and laid in place.

2015-01-17 (7)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 2015/01/19 8:46 am

    Cool card, Bonnie! I think I still have several of those backgrounds (the ones from years ago!) that I got from someone. I really need to get through my “card parts” again!

  2. 2015/01/19 11:05 am

    That looks like alcohol ink that you used? I’ve done some of those backgrounds too. They are really fun to make and you never get two alike. You really created a great card! I like how you cut the pieces apart to make them look framed!

    • 2015/01/19 11:09 am

      Vicki; nope not alcohol ink; just regular dye ink dropped onto a cotton ball that had been saturated with rubbing alcohol. It gives the same effect as alcohol ink.

      And I did not cut the pieces apart. I cut a 1/8th inch paper strip and just laid it on top of the polished stone to make it look cut up. Much easier than cutting the pieces I think!

  3. 2015/01/19 11:28 am

    Always such pretty ideas!

  4. Charlotte permalink
    2015/01/19 2:56 pm

    I have forgotten how to do the polish stone technique.

    • 2015/01/19 3:19 pm

      A super easy way to do polished stone is to wet down a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and then add a drop or two of dye reindeers to the same ball. Pounce on shinny card stock for best results. I hope that helps.

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