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2015-01-15 One Stroke Rose with text rubber stamping


Here is what I started with…a practice sample of one stroke painted roses on acrylic paper that has been stamped with a Hero Arts text stamp and one left over card kit (less than perfectly punched out I might add). To fix the less than perfect white frame, I snipped off one large loop on each corner and then embossed the whole piece with a Paper Studio embossing folder, called silk screen.

2015-01-15 (2)

Any serious one stroke painter will see this sample for what it is…a beginners try at roses and leaves. What can you do to pretty it up? Add die cuts and a little glimmer.

2015-01-15 (3)

When I framed the rose into the white punched frame I had one rose and leaf that was able to be resurrected and re-added to the piece as a 3-d element. look just below the calix (the green dealie cupping the rose) you can see where I carefully cut it out and glued it over an existing stem and then let the flower drape over the edge of the frame. The same thing with the one leaf I was able to save.

2015-01-15 (5)

The tendrils didn’t work out that well as an individual item but on the whole when you look at the card, they are still passable. These are just a piece of card stock that have been wound around a tooth pick and then glued down.

2015-01-15 (6)

Which brings us back to the beginning. I have some sage advise for you Ms. Or Mr. card maker…don’t quit in the middle of your project. I took 2 way less than perfect items (painting & punched frame) and still made a really nice design. Who wouldn’t want to get a hand painted card I ask?

2015-01-15 (3)

Thanks for stopping by today; and as always your constructive comments are so welcome!

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  1. 2015/01/16 10:51 am


    • 2015/01/16 12:18 pm

      Thank you! And what makes this satisfying to me is that this is all old stuff I would have normally thrown away.

      • 2015/01/16 8:04 pm

        Absolutely! I have a scrap bin and when it gets overwhelming I dive into it to try and use some up if I can!

  2. 2015/01/16 10:54 am

    Those roses are just lovely!!!

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