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2014-11-28; Punched Cardinal; November SU Stamp Camp


A few weeks ago when I got together with my friend Maggi; we made punched cardinals. I’m glad we did as now I have a little experience putting one together. It made it much less frustrating when I went to the November Stamp Camp and made one to add to this lovely wreath.

cardinal card & last weeks punched bird samples

2014-11-06  SU Stamp Camp (9)

Here is a close look at the bird. I used my stylus and added debossed lines that gave the little guy some additional texture. You can see that I shaded his wing and body; popped up his wing and added some white highlights.

2014-11-06  SU Stamp Camp (10)

I’m so glad we made this card; I now have a solid sample to use to I can add more birds to cards! Well, at least two more anyway!

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  1. 2014/11/30 12:39 am

    Oh I love the wreath and the bird. We don’t have cardinals here and when I go to Missouri which is it’s been 6 years if not longer. I love seeing them. Awesome to see them on your blog.

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