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2014-10-11 Shoebox 1-0n-1 day with Maggi


Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to get together with Maggi at my house. For the past year while I was moving back and forth between homes, she hosted. Today was my chance for a little hostess pay-back.

This is the card that Maggi brought for the shoebox project. She gave me the basic card pieces and then just told me to “decorate at will.” This is what I came up with

2014-10-10 (4)

This base piece is what we made together. She had 1″ squares all punched from scraps of Christmas scrapbook papers. We assembled the squares into this design and then placed on some pre-printed Christmas theme note cards.

2014-10-10 (5)

While I fumbled around deciding on a layout for my card, Maggi had time to put two of them together. Here is what she came up with

2014-10-10 (3)

and this one with a metal charm as the centerpiece. She was able to find some foil stickers in my stash to finish it off.

2014-10-10 (2)

and finally the whole group that we made between us.

2014-10-10 (1)

We enjoyed a nice lunch of quiche with spinach, cheddar, bacon, mushrooms & onions along with fresh apples with dip and a tossed salad. The salad was lacking as when I went to go put out the salad dressing, there was none in my empty refrigerator. I’m still in the process of moving and I haven’t emptied the “other” fridge yet. Maggi’s suggestion of a oil & vinegar dressing saved the day. Although…it tasted much better later in the day when I finished off the rest of the salad for my supper. It had time to sit and soak in the various spices I had thrown in and the instant minced onion and garlic had time to rehydrate. The treat later in the day was some homemade pumpkin pie. It’s been a year since either of us had it and we “ummmmmed” through the whole thing 🙂

Maggi, thanks for coming over…I’m already looking forward to our next visit!

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  1. ribbons3 permalink
    2014/11/13 4:40 pm

    Bonnie all these of these cards are very pretty!

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