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2014-09-28 Bookmarks for a crafty evening with D$


My son was here for a visit a few weeks ago. He is very much a crafter and missing his pottery barn. I offered my workbench and we made these fun bookmarks together.

2014-09-14 (2)

I was admiring one of the backgrounds that he hand dyed (the one on the left) and he gave it to me as a gift. The one I made is on the right.

2014-09-14 (6)

This is a close up of the bookmark my son made, so you can see more detail.
2014-09-14 (8)

And mine…
2014-09-14 (7)

I loved the crafty time and some day I hope to visit his pottery barn!

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  1. Kay Carlson permalink
    2014/09/28 7:31 am

    How very lovely, Bonnie, and how nice to have an artistic son to share special time and memories! They are beautiful!

  2. Edie Edie permalink
    2014/09/29 2:03 am

    What beautiful book marks you and your son made. Love them, very creative.


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