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2014-08-02 Yellow, Orange & Green; Take 2


Earlier this week I shared a clean and simple card following a fun color challenge. I used only Yellow, Orange & green. This time I added brown as my neutral color to stamp with to make sure the central images would show up on the parchment color base card.

2014-07-25 (5)

These small note cards were a gift from my stamping friend Chrissy. They have a rectangle already pre-embossed on the center panel. I took advantage of that and reverse masked so that when I sponged on color only the center would be covered.
2014-07-25 (8)

Here you can see that I sponged on the three colors of Yellow, Orange and Green. Next I used a stencil and sponged again using the same colors. I added some collage images and then finally the sentiment and central images in Chocolate Brown.

2014-07-25 (6)

The second card was completed much the same way, just using different images. As a contrast I used a punched border by Martha Stewart that was cut in half and then made to frame the embossed area.
2014-07-25 (7)

I may continue the challenge and next try to make a card using only card stock that is in the challenge colors. We will see…..

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  1. 2014/08/02 2:48 pm

    I received my card a few days ago and I love it! Beautiful!

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